Encounters with Christ

In six days we will gather to begin our Lenten journey.

Our theme for Lent this year is Encounters with Christ. Our readings through the season present us with encounters various people have with Jesus throughout his ministry. After his encounter with Satan in the wilderness, we’ll see Nicodemus come to Jesus at night and an unnamed woman whom he meets during the day. Jesus will meet a man born blind, then he’ll meet Mary and Martha in their grief and Lazarus in his grave. Finally, Jesus will encounter the powers of this world head-on. Sin, evil, and death will look to win the day. They will fail.

During this season, as we walk once more toward the cross and the empty tomb, you will read powerful stories of how our writers have been encountered by Christ along life’s journey and deep insights into the biblical witness.

Our prayer is that this season of Lent is one of deep meaning for you. Like Nicodemus and the woman at the well, like the man born blind and Lazarus, we are changed by our encounters. We are born again. We are gifted the water of life. We develop eyes to see all that God is doing. We all called forth from our graves and stripped of our graveclothes, clothed instead with the righteousness of Christ.

As Christ encounters you anew throughout Lent, may you feel his promised presence in your life, preparing us for the great feast of Easter when his presence will be all in all.

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