December 8
Mike Gillespie

Mighty King, lover of justice,
    you have established equity;
you have executed justice
    and righteousness in Jacob. Psalm 99:4

Psalm 99:4 begins by asserting “The King (the Lord) is mighty,” meaning all powerful. That the Lord “loves justice,” meaning equitable and loving treatment on our part with our fellow human beings and with everything on our beautiful planet.

The psalm continues by saying “In Jacob you (the Lord) have done what is just and right.”  I believe that this means that despite Jacob’s cunning and his deceitful treatment of his brother Esau, stealing Esau’s birthright and their father’s deathbed blessing promised to Esau the Lord let Jacob know “I am with you” at which time Jacob vowed to “return all things to God.” Four powerful, thought-provoking words: “I am with you.”

Jacob, having become changed and renewed, went on to become the Biblical Patriarch of the Israelites. Like Jacob I believe our fundamental mission in life is to strive to get close to God. How do we do that?  By also striving to do what is just and right.

Blessings and opportunities have been bestowed upon me beyond counting. Loving family, health, encouragement, and good examples on how best to live from my elders, teachers, and acquaintances. Life challenges have also come my way. Disappointments, loss, failure, and shortcomings on my part. But through it all in my mind and heart I have lived knowing God’s words: “I am with you.”

So how can I not help but live a life trying my best to live as I have come to know God directs? So, in turn I must also try to be another good example, to give encouragement and give support to others as I am able. To attend and to stay involved at church.

Lord, help me try to be grateful for all you have graciously given me in this wonderful life. Help me continue to strive to live as I have come to know you and to discern your directions for me. Grant me the strength and the wisdom to continue to love and to serve like Christ.  Amen.

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