Advent is upon us!

Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

How does what God has done for us lead us to live in the this world?

That question is at the heart of these devotions. In Advent, we await the coming of Christmas as we await the return of Christ. In Advent, we hear comforting words of hope and hard words of judgment. In Advent, we see God doing a new thing. This new thing, the coming of Christ, changes everything. In him, we are saved. By him, we are called. Those who have been justified are called to enact justice. These pages are a testament to the many ways that the people of God at Grace Lutheran Church take seriously both the message and the mission.

I pray that these devotions will be a blessing in your prayer life this season. Each was composed by a layperson who is part of the Grace community. We often hear from the pastors (especially me!). This season, we lift up the voices of the laity.

Thanks are due to Mike Berg, who designed the imagery for these devotions; Brendha Klaus, for her valuable assistant with proofreading; and Julie Hinz, for shepherding this project from beginning to end. Thank you.

Come, Lord Jesus!

In hope,

Dave Lyle
Senior Pastor

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