Easter Sunday: Psalm 18:1-12, 14-24

God Delights in You
Rev. David R. Lyle

Read Psalm 18

He brought me out into a broad place; 
     he delivered me, because he delighted in me. Psalm 18:19

Psalm 18 is a royal psalm of David. In fact, this is not the only record of this psalm in the Bible. King David, having been delivered from his enemies by the Lord, sings this song in 2 Samuel 22. The only significant difference is that Psalm 18 adds an opening statement: “I love you, O Lord, my strength.” The psalm functions as a sort of love song between God and David, God’s anointed servant. David sings of his love for God and how God delights in him.

But it’s not just about God and David. The king represented the entire people. We, through David’s descendent Jesus, have become part of God’s people. God delights in us, and we respond by loving God. This is true even and especially when things are not going as we would hope.

Psalm 18 can be sung, as one commentator notes, to “keep hope alive in hard-pressed communities.” David was overwhelmed, almost dead. Do we not experience such times in our lives? It is tempting to view ongoing racial injustice in our country as a sign of God’s absence. It would be easy to see the war in Ukraine as evidence that God has forsaken them. That simply is not the case, however. God will deliver God’s people, and the broad place of heaven is promised to us.

Amid war and injustice, sickness and sorrow, and in the face of death itself, we rejoice in the victory won for us by Jesus Christ. Today, know that God delights in you. God enjoys being in your presence. May your heart be filled with love for the God who first loved us and who loves us still.

Loving Lord, let my joy be in you as your delight is in me. Amen.

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