Psalm 92:1-2, 9-16

The Rock
Sandy Lentz

Read Psalm 92

He is my rock. Psalm 92:15

This psalm, noted in my RSV Bible as “a Song for the Sabbath,” begins with song, with praise to God for his faithfulness and steadfast love. Singing praise, in God’s gift of music, is a glad, joyful way to begin and end each day, Sabbath or not.

How the tone of the psalm changes, however, when we get to verse 9.  We hear what will happen to the “evildoers,” “enemies,” “evil assailants” of God.  Not only is he faithful and full of steadfast love, but God also knows wrath. His enemies will “perish,” evildoers be “scattered.”

Then the Psalmist renews his song, describing in images known to every gardener how the righteous are planted in the house of the Lord, flourishing and continuing to bear fruit. God nourishes us. He has our back. He is our rock.

In these days of deep upset and confusion in our lives, one minute can be filled with some of life’s joys: the smiling eyes (over our masks) of friends we can now hug; sunshine-sparkled snow; hope in tiny green shoots emerging from tiny, dry, brown started seeds; music – from Michael’s organ, our choirs, other groups tentatively inviting us back to gather, to listen, to share.

Other minutes see evildoers. In our land, often in our close world. There is so much hate, so many lies, so much denial of truth. How do we face these?  Not with fear, lashing out, despair. God is our rock. He has our back. We are assured of Jesus’ saving steadfast love. Our times are not easy, but we can show that love, day by day, in how we care for each other, for our planet, refraining from anger, finding and sharing hope. We can even rejoice in the caring acts of so many others that we see all around us.

Holy God, as we go out to do your work in our troubled world, may we always know that you are our rock, singing your praise and caring for your people and the beautiful world you gave us to live in. Amen

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