Psalm 90

Now What?
Susie Calhoun

Read Psalm 90

Teach us all to number our days aright, 
   that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

I have always thought of Lent as a time or reflection, thinking about the stories of Jesus as he journeys to Jerusalem knowing what awaits him, and then thinking of difficult times in my life and how God was with me during those times.

It says in my Bible that this psalm is a “Prayer of Moses.”  I am not sure how this is determined, but if Moses did write it, I think it may be a reflection of his life as leader of the children of Israel.  Although there were definite highs and lows in his career, his descriptions of the power and wrath of God may be a reflection on the 40 years he spent leading ungrateful, complaining people who never seemed to “get it” through the wilderness. That was a pretty long career plateau!

His plea in verse 12 is asking that God help him and the Israelites to think back to the times they forgot and looked elsewhere for guidance, then felt the wrath of God which brought them back to him again.  God sent them prophets, judges, and kings to remind them who was in charge, but they never seemed to learn.  

Are we much different?  Have we become wise to put our troubles in his powerful, loving hands or do we spend time worrying and agonizing first until we fail and then look to him?

To reflect on the awful and awesome power of God helps us to remember how he never leaves us, never gives up on us, and always saves us.

The final verse asks God to bless what we do now that we realize his love and faithfulness.  Now, what will we do?

Dear Lord:  Help us to be still, remember the hard times and the ways you rescued us.  Make us wise in your ways and then bless our lives so we are a blessing to others.  In Christ’s name, Amen.

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