Following the Star to the Cross

Here we sit, mid-Epiphany. The wise men followed the star to the manger. And now we begin turning as that star as it hovers over the cross.

In four weeks we will gather for Ash Wednesday, where we are marked as dust, as mortals in desperate need of reconciliation with God.

At the time of this writing, we at Grace in River Foreset are preparing our Lenten Devotions. We will be focusing on the Psalms; praying our way through them, digging into them, finding out what they have to say to us in 2022.

The Psalms are not just poetry, not just songs, not just scripture; they are profound ways in which the Jews lamented, gave thanks, and praised God. Lament, while not part of our everyday language, is part of our everyday lives. Throughout Jewish and Christian history, the Psalms have given voice to the tumultuous yet beautiful relationship between God and God’s chosen people.

This Lent, join us as we explore the Psalms, how they reveal we are not alone or isolated in our own grief and trials, and that in all things, God is present.

With you on the journey,

Habits of Grace editorial staff.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I’d like to receive the Lenten devotion. Thank you!


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