Happiest Christmas

We hope your advent, your Christmas, and your life have been blessed by these devotions. It has been a joy for us to provide them to you. Thank you for joining together with us as we explored the surprises tucked away inside God’s word. We have only touched the surface; God has many more surprises in the Word just waiting to be revealed to God’s faithful people.

Each devotion was written by a member at Grace Lutheran in River Forest, IL. If you would like to know more about Grace, its worship life, its ongoing ministries, its school, etc. you can find more information at www.graceriverforest.org.

Thank you for being part of the Grace community during this Advent season. We hope you will join us again for devotions, for worship (see the website for worship Livestream links), or for our Bach Cantata Vespers sometime. We would be thrilled to have you join your voice with ours as we explore God in our lives and proclaim God’s salvation to the world.

The “editors”

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